Study in France: Cheaper Than You Thought

Listed as one of the top destination to study in Europe, France attracts their students with low tuition fee, especially for public universities. There are no differences whether you are domestic or international student.

The tuition fee in public universities in France depends on your study level:

  • Bachelor degree: around 190 Euro per year
  • Master degree: around 260 Euro per year
  • PhD: around 396 Euro per year
  • Engineering degrees have higher tuition fees of around 620 Euro per academic year
  • Medicine studies are around 450 Euro per year

The courses in public universities are usually in French language and you have to have minimum DELF B2/C1 to get accepted. However, the number of programs in English language is rising recently. If you get informed enough, you can get your preferred English program with low tuition fee.

For information, the tuition fees for private universities in France is around 1500 until 20000 Euro.

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The living cost in France determined by your choice of city. In Paris, the living cost is around 700-1000 Euro per month while outside Paris is around 400-700 Euro per month depends on the lifestyle. The students can get student residence from university, that is cheaper than other residences and the rent could be as low as 150 Euro. Not only that, there is a residence allowance from government for every students in France, and you can get at least 40% reduction from your rent.

So, what are you waiting for? Search your university and pack your luggage to France!

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